The Losses You Will Get If You Don’t Register a Trademark Indonesia

The Losses You Will Get If You Don’t Register a Trademark Indonesia

Thus, here are the losses you will get if you don’t register a trademark indonesia immediately. Trademark registration is fundamental for business owners. By registering the brand, you can use various trading activities and even services. Furthermore, the registered label also gets legal protection in the eyes of the law from the government.

On the other hand, you will get disadvantages if you do not register a business brand. Thus, here are the losses you will get if you don’t register a trademark Indonesia immediately.

Three Disadvantages If You Do Not Register a Trademark for Your Business

1. Difficult to Sell on the Market
In this modern era, many people are developing goods or service businesses both online and offline. That’s why they make a brand name as the symbol of the business.

Besides, the label used is often similar to one another. Therefore, business owners must be creative and should be able to make a different brand in order to attract more consumers. With unique names and different labels, your product or offers are mostly more attractive.

2. Piracy Trademark by Other Parties Who Are Not Responsible
As long as the trademark has been registered with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI), you will feel more comfortable and secure in marketing products with your brand.

The process and procedure to register is not difficult. The most important thing you need to fulfill is the requirements. However, if you do not register your trademark as soon as possible, you will be at risk of misuse of the trademark.

Trademarks that are not registered can be used inappropriately.

If there are people who misuse it intending to harm, it will endanger the business you are establishing. Besides, you can’t take it to court because you still haven’t registered the trademark. So you don’t have the right to report. It’s different if you register it, you can report a brand as it is used without permission.

3. You Don’t Get the Special Rights from the Law
The next disadvantage that you get if you do not register your business label is that you cannot get exclusive rights. When you register a trademark, you will get special rights to save your brand name.

According to the applicable law number 15 of 2001 on Trademarks, it explains that the right to the brand is an exclusive right granted for the state to your business in a certain period.

The right that you get when registering a trademark Indonesia can prevent other people to use your product name. There is also the right to prohibit other competitors from using the marks you created and the right to transfer or license the trademark authority. From this explanation, it’s clear that the disadvantages of not registering a trademark come in terms of limited special rights.

As a conclusion, those are some of the disadvantages you will get if you don’t register a trademark for the business you are currently running. You can get difficulties such as misuse of brands, not getting special rights, and the risk of your products don’t sell in the market will haunt the business you run. Therefore, if you already have a business or service, it is better to register the brand immediately.