Too Late to Register an Trademark Indonesia

Too Late to Register an Trademark Indonesia

Every business actor needs to consider various important aspects. The risk of loss can come from anywhere, including trademark theft or so-called trademark. Competition between competitors is an important thing to pay attention to. Otherwise, the risk of Trademark Indonesia theft may occur and harm your business.

Indeed, registering a trademark requires a special fee, so it is not uncommon for small businesses to choose not to register their trademark first. In fact, the product is very susceptible to unauthorized use. With the increasing number of competitors, owners must be vigilant by immediately registering their trademarks directly with official institutions.

The Risk of Not Registering an Trademark Indonesia

Market competition sometimes makes many people do everything they can to attract market interest. One of them is stealing a trademark that has enough popularity to bring in consumers. This gap is widely used so that every business actor must be vigilant.

If you are late in registering, there are various risks that you may feel, such as the following:

Rebranding to Change Previous Brand

Many people are forced to rebrand because their trademarks have been used and registered by other parties. Of course, the rebranding process often does not work as expected and encounters many obstacles, especially regarding costs. The rebranding process itself requires several stages like building a product from scratch, starting from giving a name, logo or simply printing flyers and brochures.

Branding itself can be started when consumers can hear, see, buy and feel the products being marketed for the first time. This includes costs that must be incurred in the promotion process or even campaigning for existing brands.

Buying Other Brands from Competitors

The next risk is buying other brands directly from competitors. If a business actor wants to buy a brand, it is clear that the price charged is determined directly by the legitimate voter of the brand. Yes, by using the initial brand, but users are required to pay a certain amount of royalties in return for using their identity to be marketed to the public.

These conditions are basically still detrimental to the original brand owners because they have to pay for the brand they created themselves. In terms of costs, energy and thoughts, it is certainly very disturbing and burdensome. As a buyer, you also certainly don’t want to continue to pay more continuously to the rightful owner. Therefore, it is mandatory for entrepreneurs to register their trademark as soon as it is opened.

When is Trademark Registration Done?

The next question is when is the best time to register? Before launching or introducing products, business actors should set aside special capital for trademark registration. This is part of a long-term investment, so the risk of theft when the business is reduced or even does not occur at all.

A new product generally triggers people’s curiosity, and in the end, it is quality and innovation that makes customers want to stick with the product. While you are developing a strategy to continue to develop it, make sure the brand is registered directly through the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI).

This trademark itself has a validity period which means, the rightful owner must extend the ownership of the name. If not, it is still possible for other parties to register it because of its legal status which considers it to have no legal owner. That way, the legal process can be carried out for violators while at the same time providing more benefits for other parties’ royalty payments.

Those are the various risks that you get if you are late in registering an Trademark Indonesia, hopefully it can be the right reference in its use as well as its application.